New Year's Resolutions.

Perhaps if I publish these to the world, I'll feel a little more pressure to actually achieve them.

1) Exercise for at least 30 minutes a day, at least 3 times a week.

2) Finish my album by the end of February. Songs will include, at minimum:

Demons and Saints

43 @ 22


Water Under The Bridge

Yo Yo (written with Tim Young)

I Got Drunk

Here Comes the Weather (written with Sam Bevan)

Money, Money, Money

That's Rock and Roll

Borderline Love (written with Dave Tutin)

3) Finish my album with Dave Tutin by the end of January. Songs will be:

Borderline Love (yes, this song will appear on both my album and this one)

The Forgotten Place

Easier Said Than Done

Waitress Blues

4) Learn how to use my damn camera. It's a Canon 40D and I use it as a glorified point and shoot, shameful.

5) Earn $1000 from music. How sad is that? But in today's culture of free, which teaches that it's completely cool to steal music, $1000 is actually ambitious.