A huge thank you to Erik Proulx of Please Feed The Animals and the movie Lemonade.

Several months back, I heard about a movie that was coming out called Lemonade. It was about people who had lost their jobs and gone on to discover more meaningful lives, by figuring out what they truly love to do and then diving in, rather then simply fighting to get back into a world that had kicked them out. I was intrigued. Such a story was right up my alley, especially because so many of the subjects of Erik's film had been in advertising. With a few Google searches, I found Erik's blog, Please Feed the Animals, and started reading it and commenting occasionally. 

Much to my surprise, just a few months ago, Erik wrote to me and asked if he could use my story as part of a presentation he was about to give. I wrote back giving him an enthusiastic go-ahead and thought nothing more of it. Then a friend who saw the presentation wrote me and said Erik had made me look good! 

Today, Erik posted a video of the presentation (above!) and my friend was right, Erik did indeed make me look good. So, thank you Erik and I wish you every success as your movie and writing careers grow.