Have you ever heard any of those stories about people suffering some sort of head injury and afterwards discovering extraordinary new abilities, like music or art or math or language?

I think I’m one of them.

Ever since I first heard The Beatles, one of my greatest wishes has been to write a few good songs. But from little kid to over-40 adult, I was a pretty terrible songwriter. I could always get started, but I could never finish anything, at least not anything I was proud of.

A severe traumatic brain injury in 2006 changed everything.

After it happened, I couldn’t stop writing and finishing songs. Gone were the days when I might only get as far as a lick, a lyric or just a beat. Even better, for the first time in all my life, I liked my songs, I liked them so much I made a few albums. The doctors could never explain it, I certainly can’t, no one can. All of which makes me wonder, did I really suffer an injury or was I granted a wish?

Hope you enjoy the music.

- Jeff Shattuck