Looking to do a short run of CDs? Look no further than CDPRINTEXPRESS.

As a budding pop sensation, I have to start small with just about everything I do, especially printing CDs. Sadly, most every CD service out there that has been set up to help The Next Big Thing -- you know, people like me -- demands a minimum run of 1000. A few will do "only" 500, and fewer still will do 200, but at these low run rates, your set-up fee can be half your total cost. Not exactly a great deal, you know? More important, let's say you're feeling lucky and you go with the run of 1000. I hate to say it, but chances are you will end up with a closet stuffed with unsold CDs. Everyone I know has!

So when I stumbled across CDPRINTEXPRESS.COM, I could hardly believe my eyes: print runs of as few as ONE!. Even better, CDPRINTEXPRESS will truly let you print only what you need, For example, I wanted four copies of the following: a label printed onto a blank disk, a CD cover and a tray insert, all of my own design. No problem! $20 and three days later, everything arrived, printed to perfection and cut neatly. The only thing about CDPRINTEXPRESS that I can find fault with is the online ordering process, which requires some archaic piece of code called Internet Explorer. Yeah, i'd never hear of it either, so i just emailed my files.