Progress! And a special thanks to my Dad, Sara Nash and Toby Germano.

The dust is still settling here at Cerebellum Blues, but I am making headway.

I think.

Truth be told, I'm still not crazy about my new top banner (I'll be working on it more), nor am I happy with the way the main link to my song(s) looks. However, if you'll notice, there is now an iTunes button for your buying pleasure. Even better, it links you to iTunes Plus, which is just like standard iTunes, but offers songs in higher quality and without DRM (the evil code that limits the number of copies you can make). Best of all, you don't need to jump through any hoops to buy from iTunes Plus; to your iTunes account, it's all the same. And the cost? Just $0.99!

Speaking of buying, A HUGE THANK YOU TO MY DAD, SARA NASH AND TOBY GERMANO AS MY FIRST CUSTOMERS, WITH MY DAD IN THE POLE POSITION. I really appreciate the business and hope to offer more songs for your downloading pleasure in the very near future.

Stay tuned.