Jesus H. Christ, becoming a pop senstation is a pain in the ass.

I kid you not, I spent the ENTIRE day screwing around with all the stuff I need to prep for the company that has selected "Here Comes The Weather" to pitch to movie/TV types.

First, I had to fill out all the forms, always tough for me. I don't know what my problem is, but somewhere in the sad, twisted mess that is my DNA, I am missing key chemicals that influence one's ability to follow instructions and not be a complete f__k up.

Then I had to design my CD artwork. Now, I might THINK I know InDesign. but apparently I do not, since putting together very simple CD artwork took FOREVER.

Then I had to label my CDs. Gawd, what a hassle. First I printed out the labels wrong, not once, but several times. Then I flubbed adhering them to the discs. Then the discs wouldn't play. Argh.

Tomorrow, I will pick up my cover art from Staples, and I am sure that it will be ALL screwed up, not because of Staples but because of ME.

Hard to believe I held a job once.

And what the hell does the H stand for in Jesus H. Christ?