• Printing pro-looking CDs, labels and packaging is no worry for multi-platinum artists, but what about us poor multi-aluminum guys?

Having spent years in advertising, I have constantly worried about the way my portfolio looks; sometimes I even worried more about the outside than the inside. Stupid, but...

So, over these past few years, as I have gotten more and more into songwriting, I regularly fret about the LOOK of my CDs almost as much as the songs that will fill them. Stupid, but...

Here's the thing: music is an image business and to care only about your music is fine, but you do so at your own peril. Bottom line, your music should, at the very least, be GREAT and your packaging, GOOD. Trouble is, most CD packaging/labeling services ask for a minimum print run of 500, or even one thousand. Hey, if you think you can sell 1000 CDs, go for it, but my guess is that most independent musicians grit their teeth at the overly high minimums and only buy because they have no real choice.

CDPRINTEXPRESS to the rescue!

This sad situation was the very one I found myself in a few months ago, but before I hit the Buy button, I decided to put The Google to work. I searched and searched and searched and searched -- and then I searched some more. Finally, one fine day, I came across CDPRINTEXPRESS.COM. Their minimum? ONE. Yes, you read that correctly, ONE. And, no, that single print does not cost a small fortune. It's a few bucks.

I ordered, waited, worked hard to quiet my inner pessimist, who was convinced that the art work would arrive sloppily cut, pixelated, crappy.

When The Package arrived -- quickly I might add and via US Post, which meant I didn't have to be home to sign anything -- I tore it open and...


Everything looked awesome, totally PRO.

If you are an independent musician looking for a KILLER way to do short run CDs that look amazing, check out CDPRINTEXPRESS.COM.