• Yield not unto Pro Tools 8. At least not yet.

Digidesign has finally unveiled Pro Tools 8, hailed by the company as an upgrade of mythic proportions. From the bits I've read on Digi's site, I would agree. The overall look of the software is gorgeous and the list of included plug-ins is long and rich. BUT...

Were you alive this summer and fall as Digi struggled to get Pro Tools 7.4 to work with Apple Leopard? It was NOT pretty. Months of delays, mysterious bugs, evil wizards, trolls.

So why should I believe that Pro Tools 8 is gonn be just fine?

I shouldn't.

So, much as I would love to load up Pro Tools 8 and just look at it -- never mind using it! -- I won't. As Tom Petty said, "The Waiting Is the Hardest Part." How true.