"Nice" and "Not selected". Shot down in flames!

Not too long ago, I posted about how I was going to play a song of mine (Here Comes the Weather) for a record producer. Well, he and I never did meet up in person, but I sent him an MP3, and, uh, well, he said it was "nice".

Around the same time, I submitted "Money, Money, Money" to a sonicbids.com opportunity entitled "American Airlines: The Paste Beat Audio Channel". The response: "not selected." Just like the record producer, no explanation, no critique, just pure, plain old, unadulterated rejection.

I suppose I could drive to a Wal Mart, buy a gun and shoot myself, but no... I'm gonna persevere. After all, The Beatles were rejected in their first attempts to crack the biz, so how bad should I feel? I mean, I'm better than The Beatles, right?