The last rehearsal.

Yesterday, Friday, I headed off to Lennon Studios at the absolutely ungodly -- and-un-rock-and-roll -- hour of 9:30 AM. Lennon doesn't even open until 11:00! But a scheduling snafu, caused by yours truly, demanded a 10:00 AM start time. So there I was in the Lennon parking lot, where I sipped a Peet's, munched a scone and read about the Wall Street debacle on CNN Mobile. Andy finally showed around 10:45, then Sam, and by 11:45 or so we were making some good noise. And it felt great.

The songs we worked on were The Road Back, Yo Yo and I Got Drunk.

This time, instead of showing up with fully worked out demos, I just showed up ready to explain what I wanted, try stuff and involve Andy Korn (drummer) and Sam Bevin (bassist) in crafting arrangements.


I'm never showing up to a rehearsal with a fully worked out demo again. Andy and Sam brought so much to each song. Thank you, guys.

Next Friday, we'll actually record these three songs, and once they're in the can, I will be able to start building vocal and guitar tracks in earnest, since these three songs complete the album track list. Can't wait. I have been dying to get to this stage of the process!

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