Back in Madision for more brain tweakage.

Just over a month ago, I first headed out to Madison, WI, to take part in a trial for a new kind of brain therapy thought to help brain trauma victims, such as yours truly.

It worked.

In a big way.

My vertigo was reduced, my twitchiness went away, my headaches have all but vanished, my mood improved. Sadly, over time, the effects of the treatment have worn off a bit -- even though I've been using the Brainport regularly -- so I am back in Madison for another set of treatments. The theory is that this time, on returning home, I will be able to use the Brainport right away so as to maintain the benefits of the treatment, whereas last time, I had to wait a few weeks between treatments and getting my Brainport, which gave my good-for-nothing brain time to slack off and revert to drinking beer and watching TV (or whatever the hell it does when it's not BUSY HEALING ITSELF, YOU HEAR ME, BRAIN?).

Here's a link to an older post still located at my old blog site because I CANNOT figure out how to transfer stuff to this new site.