• Balancing music with my other life. Finally. (edited)

Note: the earlier version of this post was, um, to put it politely, f-----g confusing. So here is the same basic thought written in English.

Once upon a time I was an advertising copywriter, and I was one dedicated bastard. I worked nights, weekends, vacations, personal days, even sick days.

Then I fell and hit my head.

The accident changed me in some ways, I think, one of which is that as I got better, I realized there was more to life than advertising. A lot more.

One of the "more" was music, specifically songwriting; and nowadays, copywriting has effectively moved down the speed-dial list.

But I still gotta make a living, or at least do my damndest, despite some limitations.

So, at the moment I am attempting a first for me: work/life balance.

The work-side remains advertising, the life side I'm writing of is, of course, songwriting.

To wit, much of last week, I was deep in the pit of prose, mining words and ideas for a new ad campaign (see photo!), but this Monday and Tuesday I will be in Mother Lode of Music, ensconced in Studio C at Hyde Street with  a killer husband/wife duo from LA called The Youngs, my friend Toby and the greatest engineer in the world, Jaime Durr. I'll be writing more about the Youngs soon, but for the moment, please go here to check them out.

Anyway, all of this is just a long way of saying that I am finally learning how to balance work with other interests. It's something I wish I could have learned long, long ago.