• Farewell to fuzz.com.

Fuzz.com was launched to compete with MySpace and other social networking sites, with its main point of difference being that it was set up for musicians.

It was a beautiful thing, with a gorgeous player, a clean albeit slightly confusing interface and a friendly support staff, who would actually write you back fairly quickly if you had a question. Compared to the mess that is MySpace, fuzz.com was pure gold.

But it failed because MySpace was good enough, and people didn't want to switch to something new, even if it was better. Plus, MySpace has momentum, or had it.

To my mind, the best kind of site for artists would be one where they could post and sell their music and share it easily via portable widgets, leaving the social function to another site, say Facebook or a blog. Reverbnation is close, but my biggest hopes lie with Bandcamp. As soon as Bandcamp makes new, blog friendly sizes available for its widget, and allows purchase by credit card, it will be double platinum.

Here's to hoping they hurry up!