• If you've never heard Graham Wright, a singers/songwriter from the Great White North, your life is the poorer for it.

I'm humbled.

Today, I got an email from Bandcamp, the BEST site for independent musicians, announcing new features and highlighting some artists. I confess, normally when I hear about new artists, especially unsigned no-names like myself, I prepare for the worst. It's a sad fact, but far more often than not, I have been disappointed. And a little smug, thinking to myself, "I'm better than that."

So when I followed the link to Bandcamp artist Graham Wright, I was thoroughly ready to be thoroughly disappointed, then enjoy a brief period of gloating.

Man, was I let down.

Graham Wright is amazing. His album is called The Lakes of Alberta, and having spent a little time in the area, I can say that the songs evoke the place eerily well, using no more -- an no less -- than an acoustic guitar, a voice, and some stomping/clapping, all underpinned by truly great lyrics.

I bought the album straightaway for $5. You should too.