• White Punks (Dance Too Fast). A song from my Hollywood years.

After graduating from college back in the mid-80s, I moved to LA to go to guitar school (where I learned I was a budding rock god not). At one point, I had an apartment in downtown Hollywood, which I shared with fellow guitar student Mike Northcutt. Both of us were always trying to write hit songs, but every now and then, I would just say,  "Screw it!", and write something fun, no pressure. This is one of those songs, and if I remember correctly, it was inspired by a visit to the Kingston 12 reggae club. Oh yes, and the words were written by the incomparable Erik Eff (in photo), who was living with me and Mike at the time, before going Morrison and moving to the beach.

Vocals: Toby Germano

Backup vocals: Me, Erik Eff, Mike Northcutt

Guitars/Bass: Me

Drums: Some dude named Linn