• Will this be the year?

I'm not dead.


In fact, I plan to do a lot before I die, and one of those things is to achieve some genuine success with my music. How do I define success?

First and foremost, I just want to be able to have some songs under my belt I genuinely like.

Second, I would love to be able to cover my expenses through music sales.

Third, I want to have a few fans who aren't friends, who just like the songs I write.

To reach success, I will be counting on this blog to play a role. A big role. To that end, it will change. Up to now, it has primarily been a "broadcast" vehicle, i.e., me blathering on about what I'm up to without a lot of regard for reader input. I desperately want this to change, because one of the many things I like so much about music is collaboration; I love sharing ideas, debating, listening more than playing.

So, going forward, I will try my best to make this blog more collaborative. I will share what I've learned, seek advice, share what others have learned (with their permission, of course) and basically do everything else I can think of to make this blog a place where songwriters and other kindred spirits feel welcomed, included and embraced.

Stay tuned.

And Happy New Year.