My world in six songs: Part two, joy.

Part two of a six-part series inspired by Daniel Levitin’s book “The World In Six Songs”, which describes his theory that music is core to being human, and how six types of songs enabled the social bonding necessary for human culture and society to evolve. These song-types are: friendship, joy, comfort, religion, knowledge, and love. See part one here.

San Francisco is awash in rain today, with deep dark skies, heavy winds and water, water everywhere. The rain has me in a down mood, which makes no sense because I like rain, but a mood is a mood is mine is glum. So perhaps it’s oddly appropriate that today I will attempt to list songs I most associate with joy. After all, these are the songs that lift my spirits, put a smile on face, make me feel glad to be alive.

Barbara Anne, by the Beach Boys, because it’s a fun song being sung by a band that is clearly having a lot of fun.

Ode To Joy, by Beethoven, because the only part I know, the BAH BAH BAH BAH BAH BAH bit, is one of the most uplifting melodies I know, and the instruments behind it, could not be more right.

YMCA, by the Village People, because when this song comes on, I don’t care who you are, you smile.

I Want To Hold Your Hand, by the Beatles, because who doesn’t want to experience what this song is about?

I Feel Good, by James Brown, because when you hear it you do. 

Next up, comfort.