My world in six songs: Part six, love.

Part six of a six-part series inspired by Daniel Levitin’s book “The World In Six Songs”, which describes his theory that music is core to being human, and how six types of songs enabled the social bonding necessary for human culture and society to evolve. These song-types are: friendship, joy, comfort, religion, knowledge, and love. See part one here

There are so many great songs about love, but in the spirit of this list I'm making, which is about songs that have influenced me rather than songs I simply like, I'm going to go with the songs that I've have fallen in love to more than with. So, what follows are the songs I most associate with meeting Catherine, with getting to know her, and with marrying her. (By the way, the photo is of our feet on the sidewalk where I proposed; neither of us knew the writing was there until we were walking back home later!)

Blue, by The Jayhawks, because it's the first song on Tomorrow The Green Grass, which we listened to all the time back when we first met.

The Lifting, by REM, because like Blue, it is the first song on an album that we always seemed to have on the stereo in our earlier years together.

Strange, Tori Amos, because it is my favorite song on yet another album we listened to constantly called Scarlet's Walk.

Angel, by Robbie Williams, because we discovered Robbie together through some friends from Great Britain and this song became Catherine's go-to karaoke number during our "Mint" phase.

Here Comes the Weather
, me, because love is not perfect and sometimes you fight, which is what this song is about (I wrote it right after a doozy.)

<a href="">Here Comes The Weather (pre-release) by Jeff Shattuck</a>

Coming Together (By Falling Apart), me, because I wrote it for Catherine to chronicle how my brain injury brought us closer to one another and because three of my very best friends in the world sang and played it at my wedding.