Why can't I be more like this plant?

I don’t want to be a vegetable, but, oh, to have recuperative powers of a plant.

Consider the above photo: two days before I took this shot, the plant you see was pronounced dead by Catherine. I could see why she said this -- well over half the leaves were yellow, and all were dish-rag limp, some draped over the edge of the pot, looking more like part of the pot than part of the plant -- but I knew otherwise. I have seen this plant come back from much worse, not once, but countless times over the many years I’ve owned it. More to the point, its suffering has always been because of my negligence, as I occasionally forget to water it, so I am not fooled by appearances. And sure enough, this time was no different. After Catherine tolled the bell, I grabbed a watering can, filled it, and over the next day, poured the entire contents of the can onto the plant. I also trimmed out the dead and dying leaves, leaving them in the pot, so the plant could feed on its dead body parts, as it got things sorted out. Now, save for a few missing leaves, which will be replaced, the plant is a picture of health. Really, here’s another shot:

Why can’t I recover like this? A few sips of water, and I’M BACK!

Sigh, instead, here’s my “sip of water”: first thing in the morning, 15 minutes with my feet elevated to force more blood into my addled brain; then 20 minutes of exercises to combat the possible presence of benign positional vertigo (BPV); head to China Basin for 1 hour of HBOT; back home for 20 minutes of Brainporting; more BPV exercises for 20 minutes; followed by another 20 minute Brainport session; and finally, one more set of BPV exercises. And I still feel lousy.

As I said, oh, to have the recuperative powers of a plant.