• So, I'm headed down this road and Dave Tutin says...

I'm old enough to remember those E.F. Hutton commercials, which would always open with some sort noisy event, and someone would invariably say, "Well, my broker is E.F. Hutton... ," and the entire room would hush and listen. That's how I feel about my friend Dave Tutin. When he offers you advice, you listen.

So when he commented that I should rethink my notion of recording under the band name My Shirt Is Cool and instead just use my name, I took the advice seriously. Granted, I didn't act on it right away; I wanted to have a band name damnit, but after several hours of mulling, I knew Dave was right. After all, I'm trying to position myself as a songwriter not as a band, so why have a band name? Further, over the past few months I've had more than a few people ask, "So, where are your songs? I see stuff by My Shirt Is Cool, but what's that? Where's YOUR stuff?" Now, I could smugly think, wow, that morons, but then I'd just be an asshole, which I might still be, but not willfully! No, the truth is, people swing by my blog, check it out quickly, and then move on. I need to do everything I can to ensure that my blog is not confusing. Hence, no more band names.

Nope, from now on, I am just Jeff Shattuck, which is why my iTunes and Amazon links are gone. They had me under My Shirt Is Cool, but I've instructed Tunecore to take down the songs, and put them back up with just my name. It'll take a few weeks, so please be patient.

I'll write more about this episode next week, but for now, Dave, thank you. Your adivce was dead on.