• Housekeeping.

The last few months have been hard. The economy has hit me below the belt, and I'm reeling a bit. Combined with my ever present health problems, let's just say the past few months haven't been filled with nothing but light and hope and optimism.

As a result of all my fretting -- and not on the guitar, ba-dump-bump -- my assorted Pro Tools sessions have become, um, organic. Too organic, growing without fertilizer everywhere I look -- the Drobo drive, my G-RAID, my Glyph drive, my iDisk, my DropBox. It's all starting look like a Madoff investment plan.

So today, I am headed to Hyde Street to work with ace engineer Jaime Durr on combining all the disparate elements into cohesive, coherent, ready-to-rock session files. I've allowed four hours for the task, and with luck, we will finish. More than four hours of this kind of detail-oriented, memory-taxing, concentration-concentrating work is just about the very max I can bear, without risking a counterattack from my addled brain in the form of increased dizziness, headaches and such.

Stay tuned for an update, and, if all goes according to plan, the Official Announcement of my album release date.