• I'm pretty Rhizomatic, but is that a good thing?

I just saw a post on musicthinktank about what it means to be rhizomatic, which is defined in the post as something "that extends in all directions and has multiple entryways". In other words, the internet. This concept is relevant to music, because in today's world, the goal seems to be to get your music into as many sites as possible and minimize the barriers to people being able to find and get your music.

Personally, I think I have a very sound plan for being highly rhizomatic, but here's the question: HOW THE HELL WILL I MAKE ANY MONEY?

Pundits say I should play live, and, well, I would, if I could, but health problems dictate otherwise. No, the best path for me would appear to be licensing deals, in which I would license my songs for use in TV/Film, as well to as artists who can't be bothered to write their own smash hits. I'm pursuing this through sonicbids.com, but if anyone out there in blogland has other good ideas, I am all ears. I've heard stuff about Taxi, intriguing, but what about going straight to HBO or something and trying to get a meeting? Or, where are the music buyers, anyone know?

I mean, I'm cool with being rhizomatic, but not if it's a synonym for broke-ass.