In the studio with Josh Fix, vocal volcano. And then a long walk home.

On Tuesday, I was in Hyde Street with Josh Fix and Jaime Durr to work on Yo Yo, which Josh sang the s---t out of. Really, the man has PIPES.

Afterward, I was pretty dizzy and I thought a long walk would do me good. As I was leaving, Josh offered to walk with me.

I'm a lot older than Josh, but as we were walking, I learned that he is far, far older than I am in music years.

He's been on the inside, in the houses of big shot producers, at bars with rock stars, in fancy hotels. In fact, he once got a call from Eddie Van Halen. Yes, that Eddie Van Halen.

He's been courted by labels.

Through it all, he's held true to his own vision, and turned down offers mortals such as myself would have taken in a heartbeat.

Oh, and he occasionally finds time to write scores for, oh, some outfit called Disney.

So, as we walked and Josh talked, I listened. What did I learn? That this business is hard.That success can be in your hands and still not yours. That there are hundreds, even thousands of folks out there with insane talent, insane connections, and insane drive -- all going nowhere.

All of which made me realize anew, that my goal for my album is the right one: Make it the very best I can make it. Everything else is completely out of my control.