• Is that an alligator under my desk? Gettin' swampy for a new tune (demo down below!).

Yesterday, bassist Sam Bevan plunged deep into Water Under The Bridge, a new tune I'm working on. This is a song that started out on dry land, but is now as swampy as a Creole crab boat. Well, maybe not THAT swampy, but certainly headed in that direction. Actually, what the hell am I talking about? I've only ever been to New Orleans once, and the last time I was in a swamp, I was, maybe 10.

Regardless, this song started out with a Keith Richards-inspired groove, but while Tim Young was out-Keithing Keith during a session at Hyde Street, he had the notion to put a little slide on the number. He reached for The Maton, plugged into my Carr Mercury and, well, you can hear the result: severe swampiness. I was pleased. Then Sam Bevan thumped out the bass part and, damn, if there weren't frogs nearby.

Soaring above all the oozey, murk-laden waters of the groove is Eryn Young, who is posessed of one of the greatest voies I have ever heard, yet who is as humble as a... well, who's humble anymore in our You-Tube-I-Should- Be-Famous culture? Anyway, Eryn is really nice, super easy to work with and has pipes lined with silk.

Here's a splash from the swamp!


<a href="http://jeffshattuck.bandcamp.com/track/water-under-the-bridge-rouugh-mix-verse-chorus">Water Under The Bridge (rouugh mix, verse, chorus) by Jeff Shattuck</a> >