• The Listening Lounge is now open.

I swear, figuring out this blog/site stuff has been harder than writing decent songs.

Over the past few years, as I've slowly, but surely, worked out songs and recorded them, I have also chipped away at The Mystery of How to Create a Decent Site. Not being an HTML coder, I have opted for services, such as Typepad, that massively simplify the process of building an online presence. Now, though, I use squarespace, which is a little more complicated to use than Typepad, but offers so much more freedom in how your site looks, its extra buttons are worth the extra effort.

All of which is a sort of set-up to announce the official launch of the Listening Lounge for Cerebellum Blues.

Now, with but a simple mouse click, you can check out my tunes as they come together. As of today, the Listening Lounge holds only one finished song -- Here Comes The Weather -- and a few demos, but over time, it will evolve and grow. Check back whenever you're feeling the need for a new melody in your life.