About to take flight. And I wish Apprehension would put a cork in it.

If all goes according to plan, I will be releasing my very first album in late June, possibly August.

I'm excited, but...

As anyone who has embarked on a long journey with an uncertain end knows, Excitement's favorite traveling companion in Apprehension.

And every time I glance in my rearview mirror, there sits Apprehension saying all the stuff you would expect him to say, wondering aloud if my songs are any good, if my lyrics are really they best they can be, if my tempos feel right and on and on.

Apprehension is a real bastard, and in addition to all of his out-loud musings about my "talent", he also loves to needle my entire musical purpose. His point of view can best be summed up by "Why Bother". Here are are some of his most beloved mutterings:

"What the hell are you doing this for, do you really think anyone is going to buy your music or even listen to it?"

And, "Dude, you're 45, you missed it, man, time to get real."

Another favorite, "You realize, of course, that in today's music world, touring has never been more important and since your health issues prevent you from touring, I have to ask again, What the hell are you doing this for?"

And the most devastating thing Apprehension says, "Yo, your blog has, what, ten readers, and on a really, really good day it maybe gets up to 50. What's 50 times $.99? Wow, you're gonna be rich."

All good points, to be sure, and trust me, I wish I could push a button and eject the prick, but no such button exists, so on we travel.

And my best defense against all of Apprehension's Whys?

Why Not.

Yeah, that's right, you a--hole, "Why not?"

Seriously, what's the worst that could happen? I don't sell a single MP3? Alright, that would suck, but I could still go to my final resting place saying, "I put out an album."

And that's why Excitement rides shotgun.