Taking a health cue from Michael Jackson.

Eons ago, back when Thriller ruled the charts, Bubbles ruled the tabloids, and Michael Jackson ruled the world, The Gloved One was pictured in a hyperbaric oxygen tank. Rumor was he thought that sleeping in the tank each night would keep him forever young.

I doubt Jackson was onto anything besides a good publicity stunt, but I've recently become aware of the fact that hyperbaric oxygen tanks have helped some TBI patients recover faster and more completely. Could I be one of the lucky ones, one of the patients for whom oxygen excess would lead to better health? I sure hope so.

I first got the idea up in Minnesota from Jamee Tuttle, whom I met through Jeff Tuttle (they're married now, in case the same last name wasn't enough of a clue). Jamee is a Palates instructor and looks 10 years younger than her true age, so when she she muses on fitness and health, you put down your wine glass, stub out your cigarette, put away the cheese and crackers and listen.

She explained how soaking the brain in oxygen could help cells heal and regenerate faster for the simple reason that oxygen is how they grow in the first place. Oxygen, of course, is carried by blood, so sitting in a oxygen tank is a surefire way to supersaturate your blood oxygen levels and ply your cells with the stuff in a way akin to a goose being prepped to become foi gras.

Today, I finally did a bit of research on where I might find a hyperbaric chamber her in SF and sure enough there is one down in China Basin, which is s stone's throw from the new UCSF medical campus, so if anything goes wrong, a doctor could get there fast, although it would be a research doctor, and I'm not sure if they're capable of dealing with a live patient. Sadly, I can't get started right away, because the treatment lasts for 8 weeks -- yup, I will have to go every day, five days a week for two months -- and I'm leaving on a trip in August (staying at sea level, though, so as to minimize headaches!). But regardless, I will call tomorrow and inquire about the cost ( I figure a shitload or two ) and scheduling options.

Even if it has no effect, I'm stoked to have found something might help. Nothing else seems to (save for my BrainPort).