What does a song look like?

At right, is the view out of my living room window, and the photo is one of the many, many shots I've snapped of the San Francisco Bay.

On this particular evening, the bay looked like it was appearing out of time, as though I were looking into the past and seeing a scene from a hundred years ago. The grey light reminded me of those images cameras used to capture on silver. I snapped away.

And I got to thinking, this ephemeral light is like a song before it's a song, when it's just a fleeting idea, there if you notice it, gone -- maybe forever -- if you miss it.

And then I got to thinking about my brain injury and once again ruminated on why I should suddenly be writing so many songs. And though I have theorized that it might be because of a deep neural phenomenon having to do with synapses and dendrites and the like, maybe it's as simple as this: I notice more about the world around me.