A few days ago I got some CDs in the mail (how quaint!) from an old grade/high school friend of mine and in listening to them I was transported back through the years, back to when I first played an electric guitar through an amp. Sadly, I forget the guitar, most likely it was a friend's Gibson SG, but the amp was definitely a Marshall half stack. I was probably 15 or so, we were in a garage, and when I first hit a chord and heard the sound that blasted from the Marshall I was hooked. The feeling must have been similar to what a future meth addict feels on that first hit, you have to have it again and again, and you will never, ever get tired of it. To this day, on the rare occasions I get to plug an electric guitar into a proper amp, it's as if nothing has changed. The thrill is not gone. And I am happy for that.