Now accepting Visa, Mastercard, Amex and the greatest of all credit cards ever, Discover.

Starting today, the mighty Bandcamp (praise be!) is now accepting credit cards. What does this mean for you, my legions of fans? Simple! You can now purchase my song (soon to be album) from Bandcamp (say hallelujah!) without having to use Paypal.

Why is this the epitomy of Awesome (element: AWe)? Because Bandcamp (can I get an amen?) lets you download songs in sparkling CD-quality sound. Sure, you could download a low-rent MP3, but WHY WOULD YOU? A lossless format will give you something like 10 times the data an MP3 will give you. Life is short! Get the high rez stuff.

To celebrate this great day, I urge you to click on the player at right to sample Here Comes The Weather, the first song I've managed to finish for my upcoming album, and if you like it, click through to the Bandcamp (all hail!) site and whip out your plastic of choice to purchase your very own copy of the song.

Thank you!