My world in six songs.

I'm in the middle of reading Daniel J. Levitin's book The World In Six Songs, and I've just finished the bit where he writes about the six songs that have influenced him most.

His are:

• Autobahn, by Kraftwerk, for the geek bliss it created and how it gave birth to techno.
• Beethovan's Sixth Symphony, performed by Herbert von Karajan and the Berlin Philharmonic, for how the piece effortlessly lays out its main theme and then supports it with counterpoint throughout.
• Revolver, The Beatles,  (he chooses the whole album as a "song", because he listens to it start to finish) for how it marked the Beatles' transition to more sophisticated song structures and for its sense of fun and camaraderie .
• Through My Sails, Neil Young, for the harmonies this song inspired CSN to add.
• The Great Gig in the Sky, Pink Floyd, for the way it merges classical techniques with rock.
• Night and Day, Stan Getz, for Getz's sax tone and economical playing style (Levitin plays sax).

Now, as lists do, this list got me to thinking... what would my six songs be? Man, this is gonna be hard, but here goes:

• The Beatles, Roll Over Beethovan
, for the way it got me into music.
• The Beatles, The Night Before, for the vocal and overall sound of the song -- no other song has made me wish I could sing the way this song has.
• The Rolling Stones, Get Your Ya Yas Out (the whole album), for the way it changed my entire point of view on rock guitar, clued me into the importance of rhythm, and has continued to inspire me as a guitar player and a songwriter.
• Deep Purple, Smoke On the Water, for how it made me want to play ROCK guitar. With a pick. And a loud amp.
• Green on Red, Five Easy Pieces, for the way it introduced me to the independent/non-major-label scene and opened the doors for me to REM, Dream Syndicate, Violent Femmes, Iggy, The Clash, etc, etc.
• Neil Young, Powderfinger (Rust Never Sleeps version), for the way it changed my mind about the electric guitar by combining music with noise, yet doing so with a very straightforward song.

Anyone else out there have a list of six songs?