A fine spiritual for Sunday morning.


I was a godless man in a god-fearing town
And Frankie’s Bar
Was my sacred ground

I was true to myself but I cheated on the wife
Wore rattlesnake boots
I was living the life

And all the money we saved
(Well) I gambled every penny away
And I didn’t give a damn
About God or any plan

Then late one night just about dawn
I was driving home
I was pretty far gone

When out of the dark came a blinding light 
I could not see
Everything went white

(I) woke up in a hospital bed
All the doctors said, "You should be dead!"
And it was that very night
I asked God to set me right

And I got religion (Ring them bells!)
Yes, I got religion (Hallelujah!)
But if Jesus loves me I can’t tell
‘Cause when I got religion, well it all went to hell

I confessed to my wife, she called me a liar
She called me worse
Then she called a lawyer

I confessed to the judge and he said, “Son,
This is one of those days
My job is gonna be fun.”

Then my Visa got declined
I called the bank they said, “You need a co-sign.”
Then the alimony got set
She got more than she could get


(And) If there’s a lesson here
(Well) Call me dumb but it’s not clear
I don’t see what all the praying was worth
It didn’t get me heaven on earth



Here's how the song starts!

Religion Intro by jeffshattuck