Prepping the release of my double album.

If you’ve been reading this blog for a bit, you definitely know that I’ve been working on an album for a VERY long time (over three years). What you might not be as aware of, however, is that about seven months ago I started on a double album. It’s a co-production with my wife, Catherine, and will only be available in a physical format, no digital downloads possible. Plus, it will not be available for free to anybody, ever. Sure, anyone can listen, but no one will be owning any copies of this album, save for my wife and me. So here’s the question: how on earth will we monetize this monumental work? We won’t. Because this is one album that truly is not, has not never been, and will not ever be about making money. Spending money? Well, that’s a different story. But I digress. There will be two “songs” on the album, Amelia and Avalon, but they will not be in the typical verse/chorus/verse/chorus/middle8/chorus structure, or any variation thereof. No, these musical entities will be of the D/N/A structure, uniquely engineered and mixed by Catherine and me. The album’s release is expected soon -- could be just a few weeks and while no world tour or live press events will be used to promote it, expect to see post after post after post after post after post of its days, years, months and decades in this world. Oh, and there will be a single released just after the double album, which will be a traditional song. It’s called Welcome to the World, and is currently in the womb of Hyde Street Studio C. Stay tuned.