Does this mean I'm going to be a lousy dad?

On December 8, 2010, just two days after my wife, Catherine, gave birth to our twin girls, Avalon and Amelia, I was in the recording studio. Say WHAT? It’s true, the rock must roll, so, though I only stayed for about 2 hours, there I was cranking up a Strat and going over four new songs with The King of Thump, Andy Korn. Andy and engineer Jaime Durr were still getting sounds when I arrived about noon, but after sharing a few thoughts on parenthood (Andy and Jaime both have daughters!), we unloaded a guitar and Andy and I worked through changes, talking about beats and trying out various ideas. We also played a little bit of Tumbling Dice, just because, and then I was out the door, back home to pick up Catherine and her mom, who (THANK GOD) is staying with us to help out and then back to the hospital to hang with the twins. In my defense, one of the songs being recorded on the 8th was Welcome to the World, which I wrote for Avalon and Amelia, but I confess,  the other three songs were Cold Pizza and Coffee, which is about being hungover, People Change, about relationships ending and Undeserving, a song written by me and Dave Tutin, which is about love lost (it’s more complicated than that, though).

For more session photos, please go here.

P.S. - Don’t tell the girls!