A gallery of babies.

I've made gallery  of some baby pix for this blog. To see it, please click here.

Update: Amelia and Avalon were born a bit early -- 33 weeks and 3 days -- but they have made rapid progress under the care of UCSF's ace nursing staff. Avalon still has a feeding tube up her nose (not nearly as fun as a booger, I am sure) but Amelia, thought to be quiet one, ripped her feeding tube out last night and fed like an an activist for Keep America Obese! Catherine and I are both very pleased with this rebellious behavior (that'll change, I am sure!) and we're hoping Avalon follows her sister's example. Our goal is to have them both home by Christmas.

Musically, I have been pretty inactive, but I am still working hard on recoding Welcome to the World, the song I wrote for the girls. As of today, everything is recorded, except vocals, which will be done by my friend Jeff Tuttle up in Minneapolis. He just got his new MBox 3 last night, so Jaime will send him the session file and we'll soon be done -- save for a little mixing. Can't wait.