The perils of songwriting and parenthood. What are they?

As every songwriter knows, writing songs is revealing. Sometimes you’re revealing something about yourself, sometimes people in general, sometimes a fictional character who acts as a stand in for you or a friend, sometimes a combination of all these and more. When I was younger and single I worried very little about what my songs revealed about me, as there was no one in my life I was overly pre-occupied with. Later, serious girlfriends started to change that, then marriage and now children. And for the first time ever, I am thinking about my songs through the ears of my kids. Sure, they’re too young now to understand lyrics or even tell music from noise, but someday they will be highly adept at both and when they hear my songs what will they think? If I write a song about a relationship gone bad, will they worry about me and mom? If I write about drugs, will they think I take them? If I just write about being unhappy will they blame themselves for making me so?

If anyone out there knows of good books on this subject (artists as parents) I would very much appreciate some suggestions. Or even a quote or two. Plus, the author does not have to be a songwriter, any old artist will do.

I have time, I know, but time flies.