Is that a finish line or just the horizon?

I cannot believe the date when I look at it. February 12, 2010? Can’t be. But it is, which means it has been over four years since I fell and smooshed a part of my brain, and only a few months less than that since I started writing songs. My memory is not what it once was (which isn’t saying much!), but I remember pretty clearly thinking I’d be done with my little album project by early 2008. In fact, I still remember that first recording session, when I visited David Hearst’s home studio in mid-2008 with something like eight songs. The plan was to record drums and bass for all of them over a weekend, then slap on some guitars and vocals and – presto! -- an album! Didn’t work out that way. I’m not complaining, really, but, man… it’s February 2010?

It is.

And if I’m right (never a good bet), I should have my first album recorded, mixed and mastered by the end of March. Here’s where the songs stand:

Demons & Saints – needs mastering
Yo Yo – needs mastering
Love & Hate – needs mastering
I Got Drunk – needs mastering
Borderline Love – needs harmony vocals, mixing, mastering
43@22– needs harmony vocals, mixing, mastering
Money, Money, Money – need to replace my lame guitar with Tim’s smokin’ guitar, also need to mix and master
Happiness – needs lead vocal, mixing, mastering
Talking – minor edits, needs mastering
Indecision – needs harmony vocals, mixing, mastering
Here Comes the Weather – needs mastering

You’ll notice the song count goes to 11. Pleased about that.

Stay tuned.