Why Philz coffee is like rock and roll.

Every morning, these days, I head to my hyperbaric oxygen treatments (HBOT) and then afterwards, I head over to the nearby Philz.

For those who have not been to Philz -- ye of spiritual desolation -- it is a chain of coffee shops in San Francisco and it serves the best coffee I have ever had. Why? Because it’s just like rock and roll: the ingredients are simple, anybody can create it if they care enough, and it’s still great after a zillion times.

What’s the magic ingredient? Love. Just as every rock song of note was recorded by people who deeply loved what they were doing, so is every cup of Philz brewed by people who love making coffee. Go ahead. Sip a Starbucks, then head over to Philz. At first, you might be a little overwhelmed, as you will be forced to pick your brew from as many as 19 different beans. To ease your mind, the Philz staff will actually talk to you about what you like (something no rock band will do, I admit!), then your cup will be made individually. And just as a great rock band transforms simple elements into something transcendent, so does a cup of Philz, taking water, beans and a little technique to something way beyond any brew you have ever had.

Go to Philz. And rock out!