Finishing the final song.

If there is one thing I have learned about making records, it’s hard work. Very hard. And I do not want to look back on this process and ever say, “Woulda, coulda, shoulda.” Obviously, this is impossible, so next-best would be to be able to say, “But I did the very best that I could do.” So that’s the plan.

As a result of my relentless pursuit of perfection, I have re-written nearly every single one of the songs that will be appearing on my first album not once, or even twice, but two/three/four/five/six/ten/20/30 times. Not the music, mind you, that I seem to be happy with early on in the songwriting process, but the words, gawd, they just defy me.

However, despite my desire to achieve that which simply cannot be achieved, not even by Axl Rose, I am, as of today, FINISHED with the songwriting phase of my album. The final song to be completed is titled, aptly, Happiness. I first started this song the day after I got married and it was originally about experiencing happiness for the first time in ages and wanting happiness to stick around for awhile. But when I took a demo of the song to a song pitching session, the producer/songwriter we were all presenting to said she felt the lyrics were not quite right. I grudgingly agreed, but for different reasons from the ones she gave. Further, my friend Dave Tutin suggested that I should have a male vocal, instead of a female. Together, these comments, along with my own inner angst of having failed the song, prodded me to rewrite the words top-to-bottom. I’ve saved a few lines from the original, but very few.

This morning, I finally recorded a scratch vocal of the new lyrics, and next week, I will have Dave Brogan sing the final track, then I’ll try to get Larkin Gayl to do the harmonies and then I will be DONE, with little to do but mix.



Won’t you come on in?
It’s been awhile, it’s good to see you again

(But) Happiness,
I confess I am surprised
The last time we met I was telling you lies

And I do not deny
I once pushed you away for money and pride
But those days are far behind
So, happiness won’t you please come inside?

I can see you hesitate
You know I understand but you are not too late

Just tell me what to do
Tell me what to say, give me some kind of clue

And I do not deny
I can beg, I can borrow, I can cheat, steal and lie
But I can change inside
Oh, happiness, I just need you to try
There’s nothing to decide
So, won’t you please come inside?

And don’t make me guess
Won’t you put my fears to rest?
You know just what I want
And all you need to say is yes

Won’t you come on in?
It's been awhile
Won’t you please
Won’t you please
Won’t you please come inside, my old friend?