I hope this wine and my songs have something in common.

The other night, Catherine and I wanted to celebrate a little bit, so I raided the dwindling wine closet. As I perused my remaining few bottles (back when I was a wine snob, I had CASES, but my accident made me go from being obsessive about wine to being pretty passive), I noticed a Bordeaux from the 2000 vintage that I had never really noticed before. There it lay with nothing about it to grab my attention, save for its mystery, as I have completely forgotten when, where and why I bought it. I pulled it from the rack, pulled the cork from the bottle and poured a small bit into a glass. Swirl, sniff… hmmm… sip. Wow, really? Sip. Yup, really, the wine was great; dry but with enough fruit to create some real complexity, not too tannic, smooth, earthy. And the best part: I simply did not see it coming. In fact, I was prepared for the wine to be mediocre, or, at best decent, but was stupendous.

I hope something similar happens for my songs someday.

I hope some mover and shaker overcomes his indifference to my CD, pulls it from the shelf, pops it into a player and waits with low expectations for the music to start and when it does feels his low expectations transform into inspiration and he picks up the CD again and reads the label and finds my URL and visits my web site and sends me an email and inquires about the song and others I might have.

And on that day, I will open one of my two remaining bottles of that humble Bordeaux. Heck, I might open both.