Did I write a song last night?

I’ve been toying with a new song idea for a few weeks, but so far, all I’ve got is a phrase, which is “There are things we can't forget that we don't want to remember.” I’ve been rolling this phrase around in my head on runs, walks, during conversations with others (sorry!), over dinner, under the (mild) influence of booze.


So far, nothing. But this morning, I woke up with that feeling you have when you’ve dreamed something cool but just can’t remember what it was. Suddenly, it hit me: I’d finally written this song! In the dream, it was something kind of electric, had a cool groove, interesting changes, nice melody. Hallelujuah!

Just one problem.

I can’t remember what I supposedly dreamed I wrote. Argh.

*I have not yet picked up the Maton (all hail!) and tried to come up with anything. Once I do, I’m positive I will have a song in short order.