The photo to the left is of the last few hundred feet of my run. I like to finish up along the water, running on the sand, possibly humming a little Vangelis. I’m not a strong finisher, though. No, right as I enter this last segment of my run my mind starts going over all the good excuses for stopping a touch early:

“You’ve done the bulk of the run,” it intones.
“What difference would it make in the long run to stop now?”

But when I ignore my mind and make it to the end of the bleachers, which I mostly do, I am always glad for it. To stop short never leaves me with a good feeling. Ever.

I’m keeping this simple fact foremost in my thoughts as I near the finish line for my album. This is the month, I am at the metaphorical “last hundred feet” of the process and all I have to do is push on for a few more moments.

Just a few more sessions.
Some I’s and T’s to cross.
A couple of decisions about the design of the cover art.

I. Will. Finish.