If first you don't succeed, revise, revise, revise.

Yesterday, I posted about Thursday’s studio session, during which vocalist Josh Fix pointed out that Borderline Love, the song we were working on, felt like two songs crammed together. He was right. And though I felt waves of frustration, anger and hopelessness as Josh explained why the song was failing, all of my emotions were directed at myself. I KNEW going into the session that the song wasn’t quite right. Knew it. But it took Josh’s not-so-nuanced takedown of the song to make me finally accept reality.

After writing a note to my friend Dave Tutin, who is the co-writer of the tune, and explaining what was going on, I waited with a little apprehension to hear back. As is so often the case, all my apprehension was for naught. Dave’s attitude could be pretty much summed in the phrase I trust you. How great is that?

So, fears put to rest, I have set about reworking the song in time for a session coming up this Thursday with drummer Andy Korn (who has been my go-to drummer for almost every song I’ve recorded because he is simply the most musical drummer I have ever worked with). To get myself into a proper writing mood, I used to pour a small glass of scotch and take it into the living room, where I can sit comfortably on the couch and look out over the lights of the San Franciso Bay. But I’ve given up scotch and cut way back on my other favorite libation, wine, so for the last two nights, I just poured myself a glass of Hetch Hetchy’s finest and knocked back a few slugs as I noodled on the guitar. And I think I have a fix (couldn’t resist) for the song.

Today, I’ll put my solution to the test by creating a rough demo. Wish me luck!