Killing ghosts on my way to wishing ground.

Being married to a Southerner has introduced me to a lot of evocative language, but of all of the expressions I’ve learned from Catherine, I would say “wishing ground” is the best. It means a place you have not been before, and come tomorrow, if all goes according to plan, I will be firmly on wishing ground. Not physically, but mentally, as tomorrow is the day I will finish Deep Salvage. And from then on I will stand on the ground of people who have made records. It’s a place I’ve wanted to be since I first heard The Beatles Second Album way back in 1971. I can’ wait.

To prep for my arrival, I’m killing ghosts. All over the web there are vestiges of my various false starts at creating a presence for myself. There’s a reverbnation site, a myspace page, a few dead-end blogs, some URLs I’ve bought but will never use. All have to be laid to rest, except maybe broadjam, jango and thesixtyone. When I’m done, I will have this blog, two bandcamp pages (one for my stuff and one for Deep Salvage) and a PFK on Sonicbids. I might also keep my Facebook page, because it was a major pain in the ass to set up. Besides, no one can find it, including me, so taking it down would hardly make a difference.

Going forward, the only wishing ground structures really up for debate are presences on Amazon and iTunes. As of right now, I plan to be on both through Tunecore, but I confess, I’m not totally convinced I should be. Yes, if I put my music on these sites it increases my chances of someone hearing it and maybe buying it, but if they do buy it, I truly get next to nothing, maybe 2-3% of the total sale. On bandcamp, however, if someone pays a dollar, the whole dollar goes to me (and Dave for Deep Salvage sales). 

Well, I’m not going stress about it now. I’m off to wishing ground.