Farewell, MySpace.

Way back in the stone age of Web 2.0, MySpace exploded out of nowhere to squash Friendster and become the number one social networking site on the planet. When I first tried it -- probably around 2006, but I honestly don’t remember -- I thought it was a mess. I was stunned that something so, to get technical, shitty could be so revered. I mean, everyone raved about MySpace, even saying that its crappy code was somehow key to its success because it intrigued visitors and forced them to explore. Whatever. For me, it was an easy place to post tunes, so that’s what I did. Then, out of the blue, I went to a conference where Ethan Diamond, founder of bandcamp, spoke and he told everyone how his horrible experience with MySpace had motivated him to start something better. Since that day, I have had a presence on bandcamp and I have never once looked back on MySpace with anything but scorn. However, until just a few hours ago, my MySpace page was still alive, a sad, forgotten thing clinging to existence on nothing more than a diet of web crawlers. To put it out of its misery, I wanted to grab a .44, but that would have been ineffective. Instead of hollow points, I opted for a few well-placed mouse clicks.

Farewell, my MySpace page. I never really knew you. But I’m not sure I care!