Happy Mother’s Day, Mom!

I’ve written a lot on my blog about my Dad. We spend more time together than my Mom and I do, but I’m lucky in that I consider myself equally close to both my parents. I also think they truly are -- for better or worse! – equally responsible for who I am. And if I am who I think I am – an odd combination of capitalist and artist – my Mom is the one behind my art side.

Growing up, I remember how my Mom was always involved in something artistic. There was knitting, and piano and macramé and gardening. Nowadays, quilting is her passion and has been for a while. (She would never admit it, but her quilts are works of art, masterful plays of patterns and color.) She was also the one who, all through grade school and on through high school and college and the years beyond, critiqued my writing and helped my get better an this most impossible of all arts.

Today, Catherine and I took my Mom and Dad to Flea Street Café for Mother’s Day (see pic!). We’re back home now, and as I look around the living room at my guitars, and camera and lyric sheets and picks and pens and pencils, I have my Mom to thank for it all, for she is the one who made the A in my DNA stand for Art. So, here’s to you, Mom! Thank you for passing on a bit of your artistic talent to me — and for being the best Mom on the planet!