Deep Salvage masters have arrived!

Last night, around maybe 9:30 PM, I remembered I hadn’t checked the mail at all. WHAT, you might be wondering, WEREN’T YOU DYING TO SEE IF THE DEEP SALVAGE MASTERS HAD COME? WHAT THE HELL IS THE MATTER WITH YOU, FOOL? Well, um, fair enough, but I was SURE that nothing would arrive until Thursday at the earliest. After all, Monday was a holiday, which means that anything shipped USPS would be getting underway on Tuesday and, well, there is just no way in hell that USPS is gonna do cross country overnight, right?

Right. Turns out John Cuniberti, who mastered the songs, is just across the SF Bay in Oakland (why I thought he was in NYC, I don’t know).

So when I got to the mailbox, there it was, an unassuming envelope filled with dreams. I tore it open in the kitchen, poured myself a very small glass of H pinot* (their low-rent stuff, but still, a great wine) and then walked to the living room, where I popped the CD in the stereo and hit play. Schwing. Wow, the songs sound so much better. They are warmer, clearer, richer, punchier. They sound pro! I’m going to send the tracks to Dave and Jaime today and get their take, but I’m sure they’re going to be pleased. Next up, I tell Mr. Cuniberti to go ahead and ship me the official, properly coded CD for duplication and then I’ll send everything off to Oasis, who will press the CD run and do the packaging.

Rock superstardom awaits! Or not…

* I would have had Wellington, my friend Toby’s wine, but I’m out!