Enjoying my last days of anonymity.

In just a few days, Dave Tutin and I will release Deep Salvage and we will surely rocket to superstardom. I fully expect appearances on Letterman, even on Oprah. A tour with the Stones is likely to follow, plus a possible cameo on Californication.

To feed the sure-to-be-insatiable public appetite for all things Deep Salvage, Dave and I are prepping notes about how the album was made. Dave will be posting about the lyrics, I'll be writing about music and production.

The media blitz will commence sometime next week, just as soon as factories in China have built up enough inventory and the gods of bandcamp have added some extra servers to their infrastrucure. AT&T's network will most likely crash, but Verizon's should hold up. Google is cool, mostly; but to be 100% ready, they've agreed to set aside an acre of data center power to handle the coming torrent of queries and the download deluge.

Stay tuned!