Deep Salvage is now available. Finally!

<a href="">The Forgotten Place by Dave Tutin and Jeff Shattuck</a>

Today is the day. Deep Salvage is out! It's a four-song EP that I co-wrote with Dave Tutin and it's available now on bandcamp. Just use the player above to listen to the tracks, or go directly The Deep Salvage page on bandcamp, where you can download the tracks and read the lyrics while you wait!

NOTE: When you download, if you already have a PayPal account, you will be asked to enter your PayPal login. If you don't have PayPal, you can use a credit card, just hit "checkout" then look for the "don't have a PayPal account?" box. Click that and off you go! Sorry about this, but getting the tracks up on iTunes takes MONTHS, so this is the best I can do for now. To ease the pain, just know that bandcamp takes none of your money, it all goes to the artist! Please let me know if you have any problems.


You'll also have to select a file format. If you go with MP3, you're getting a much higher quality MP3 than you would get on Amazon or iTunes, but if you really want the Deepest Deep Salvage experience, I would go with ALAC, which stands for Apple Lossless Audio Codec and offers the full sound quality of an uncompressed CD, but in a smaller file size. ALAC files play fine on iTunes, but not on a Blackberry, because RIM sucks.


Over the next few weeks, Dave and I will be posting about the making of the album. Stay tuned.