A fine day to rock the nation.

San Francisco has cursed many a US birthday with thick fog and gusting winds, but today looks like the city might actually behave for 4th. As of ten this morning, the fog was lurking, but over on the Marin side of the SF Bay and the wind, while typically thuggish in its ways, seemed to be feeling a little less sadistic than usual.

Still, no matter what the weather holds, you can't keep a good party down, so come this evening, there will be thousands of revelers watching the sky go BOOM (as their coutry does the same, thanks to Obama's love of spending money we don't have!).

And no other country in the history of the world is so deserving of an annual fest. Despite my negative views of the current situation, I'm still a major fan of the US of A.

Happy birthday, America! Oh, and because it's the American thing to do, I'm going to try to do a little business today. Yup, I'm going to ask you to give Deep Salvage a spin, my first album ever! Check it out below. And if you want to download the whole thing or just a few songs, please visit the Deep Salvage site. (Note: the riffage of Waitress Blues would go nicely with the act of throwing meat on fire!)

<a href="http://deepsalvage.bandcamp.com/album/deep-salvage">The Forgotten Place by Dave Tutin and Jeff Shattuck</a>